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Digital Communication for Care Homes and Institutions

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Products that convince in everyday life

The Sanascreen communication platform was developed with industry experts. It allows you to inform residents, family members, and staff professionally and with maximum efficiency about current happenings in your institution.



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aarvital Aarberg

Your Benefits

Products that convince all users

Seamless integration into everyday life thanks to intuitive user interfaces for both users and administrators.

Information Screen

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Deliver engaging content and information on every floor at the push of a button. This keeps visitors, residents, and staff informed and engaged.

  • Intuitive and accessible thanks to control via a large button
  • Easy to read due to high contrasts and large content display
  • No printing costs
  • No daily trips to the information board
  • Pre-programmable (e.g. for vacation absences)

Information App

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Deliver important information at any time directly into the pockets of the individuals concerned, so they stay up to date every day.

  • Involve loved ones in institutional life and build trust
  • Efficiently disseminate information to employees (and residents)
  • Easily and flexibly communicate unplanned changes
  • Intuitive handling for administrators and users thanks to a calendar layout

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We would be happy to advise you on digitalization and communication. Our expertise is based on years of experience as business consultants and a large-scale study on digitalization in nursing homes that we conducted in Switzerland. Start right now with our free Digitalization “BMI” (in German) to determine how you compare to other facilities!


We would be happy to demonstrate Sanascreen to you in a video call or on-site at your location.